Win a Free Gym Membership for a Year

New year, new you! Kickstart 2018 with a free gym membership for the entire year.

How to Enter:

Working on new fitness goals? Make things easier with a chance at $500 towards a gym membership for the year, courtesy of Ibotta.

Step 1: Tweet or post on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, telling us how much you want to earn with Ibotta in 2018 and what you plan to use the extra cash for.

Step 2: Include the hashtag #IbottaGymGiveaway.

That’s it! We’ll select one lucky winner at random at the end of the week. Be sure to check your private messages!

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NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Ibotta’s Gym Membership Giveaway is open to legal residents of the 50 U.S., DC, 18 yrs. and older. Void where prohibited. Giveaway begins on 1/4/18 at 9:00 a.m. MST and ends on 1/14/18 at 11:59:59 p.m. MST. For a copy of Official Rules visit Sponsored by Ibotta, Inc., 1801 California Street, Suite 400, Denver, CO 80202. View Official Rules

25 Responses

  1. Gina Curry

    With the money earned with Ibotta I will be able to use it to help pay off my Student loan. My New Year’s resolution for “2018” is to plan healthier meals for my family and to Reach out to at least one person per month and do something kind for them that they are unable to do for themselves.


    I want to earn at least $100 this year. I always use the money I earn to help pay for my kids school supplies in the fall! #IbottaGymGiveaway

  3. Morayma

    I loooove IBOTTA, i use it at my local grocery store and on top of saving money and getting cash back i get fuel points😎😎 with the money i make shopping with Ibotta i treat my family to dinner 💝we are actually looking at gyms right now so this would come in handy perfectly 💝

  4. Teresa Abbott

    #IbottaGymGiveaway. This would be so awesome to win I need a gym membership so badly to keep me on track with working out. I start & quit at home every year it just never works for me. I don’t have the extra money myself for a total membership so this will be so greatly appreciated. Thank you Ibotta. #IbottaGymGiveaway

  5. Cammi Padilla

    Got to be realistic I’d like to earn $100 which is close to what I do every year. Id use it for clothes for my kids and dinner for me and my hubby cause every parent needs a dinner date night. Thank you ibotta #IbottaGymGiveaway

  6. Jennifer

    I hope to earn as much as i can with ibotta in 2018. I use the extra cash for gas and groceries.i would love to win a gtlym membership so i can get back in shape. The only thing preventing me now is the cost of the gym.#IbottaGymGiveaway

  7. Julie Swor

    I’m new to Ibotta! It’s fun! This is my year, time to take care of me! My last child just graduated, so it’s go time! I’m working on being a better person physically. I’m eating better, working on skin care, getting mani’s and pedi’s and working out. I’d love a gym membership to help with my transformation! Just got a new gym bag that says will work out for cupcakes! Lol

  8. Tarsha

    I would like to earn at least $350 by December 2018 about 1/2 cost for a family trip to Disney Land to celebrate still being a family after such difficult end of year! Dad was missing 2 days had anerisium and stroke turned up in hospital 40 miles away, 2 days later step daughter mother had stroke, next day nephew rushed to hospital, 2 days later grandson born after difficult labor and delivery. Everyone comes home begins recovering, Grandma has stoke in hospital for several week’s. Dad, daughter and mom get sick mom in hospital 2 days n’t her best yet.
    Healthy spending with Ibotta, lots of LOVE and attention for each other and Health and healing all year then we CELEBRATE AT THE HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH! ! !😁😁

  9. Laurie Alvarado

    This year i want to earn up for the end off year Christmas for my kids, i never really get what they want so i want to try this this year .A gym membership would be awsome ……

  10. Sharron Gunter

    Christmas of 2016 was so much easier using Ibotta and the online shopping.I would like to continue to use Ibotta to get healthier this year buying my vitamins and protein bars and everything I need.Through Ibotta I save and earn money to put toward my health.#IbottaGymGiveaway

  11. Just started using Ibotta right before thanksgiving and I have over $80 in my account don’t plan on using it until I have added up quite a bit of money hoping to be able to take my daughter who graduated 4 years ago and I had told her we would take her to the Grand Canyon and didn’t have the money so I’m hoping to save up enough money to be able to do this to Ibotta

  12. I want to earn extra money with Ibotta because babies are expensive! Diapers, wipes and feeding supplies are expensive! Plus I want to be the best mom that I can be and give my son things that my husband and I were unable to get and have. I also am an aunt to my niece, Abigail Rose, my sister is a single mother so I help them out when I can. I love that little girl like she’s my own, and I do everything I can to include her in activities that my sister can’t afford. Thank you Ibotta for easy cash back!!!. #IbottaGymGiveaway

  13. Deborah

    My first couple of months started out slow due to pappilary cancer recovery, but now I’m saving on average $135.00 a month which helps pay on some of the medical bills. Ibotta has been a HUGE pocket saver. The girls at the office got me hooked on it and I’m glad they did!
    New year new me! #IbottaGymGiveaway

  14. Misty C.

    With the money that I earn during 2018 on Ibotta items, I can put that towards getting a place of my own because right now I am homeless and having to sleep in my car. Being able to get in to my own place and have a sturdy roof over my head would absolutely mean the world to me and it would mean so much to me to win this! #IbottaGymGiveaway

  15. Julie Lockwood

    I’ve been using weight watchers since July when I lost my mother. Ibotta will help me to continue to try new products for less earning money from the app. Would love to work work even harder by going to a gym. #Ibottagymgiveaway

  16. Can’t wait to use all the money I earn with Ibotta towards money for our wedding in 2019! Our goal is to both get healthy in 2018 so we both look good on our wedding day and this gym membership will help us do that! Posted on Instagram. #IbottaGymGiveaway

  17. Angel Justice

    I would love a gym membership. Our local gym is only $20 a month but when funds are limited that’s hard to manage. I have in the past earned around $300-$400 with Ibotta, my 2018 plan is to earn around the $400 mark and use the funds toward Christmas next year. It would help out so much to earn that amount.

  18. Tammy Green

    I love Ibotta! My daughter got me to download and try it! I use the extra money to help buy groceries! I hope to get $200 for year 2018. I had to change jobs and my income has been severely cut. I have RA and had no other choice. Using Ibotta has really helped me out. If I win the gym membership, I hope to get my body back on track again!

  19. Liliya

    I just started Ibotta and earned abit that I tried, a gym membership would mean a lot to me. I need to loose weight in order to be healthy and can try for another baby. I want to earn at least 200$ this year to go on a mini vacation with my family.

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