Introducing the Pending Earnings Feature

Making mobile purchases through Ibotta just got easier.

Track Your Pending Offers

At Ibotta we want to make it as easy as possible to redeem Mobile Shopping offers. That includes a clear understanding of your purchase dates, pending earnings,  and the exact amount you can expect to receive once your account is credited. With our latest version of the app, you can find all of this conveniently located in the “Account” section of the main menu.



From the Account section of the app you can view your current account balance, which includes a progress bar that tracks how far you are to cashing out. You can also view the amount of cash back you have pending.










Select the “Pending Earnings” section to access details of all of your pending earnings, including the purchase date and the amount of earnings pending.











Learn more by selecting an individual pending offer. From here you’re able to see how many offers matched & the estimated pending period.


Common Questions

Q: Why does my progress bar keep setting thresholds for me after I reach $20, such as $40 or $80?

A: These are simply “goals” you can work towards as you use Ibotta and redeem offers. This has no effect on your ability to cash out your earnings, which is still set at a $20.00 minimum.

Q: When will I know when my offer is pending?

A: Your pending offers should be available to look at in the Account section of the app within 48 hours.

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8 Responses

  1. I went through the app a couple of weeks ago and ordered thru Target, for a 20% rebate, up to $20. I never heard anything more about my rebate. I received my order several days ago. Am I going to get it? It is not showing up in the pending section.

  2. Michele

    Thank you! I recently asked for some of these features & am so glad that they’ve been included & then some. Love my Ibotta!!!

  3. Tracey Simmons

    Ibotta is a great app and the best part is that it’s free to join. Also you can save on top of coupons offer. Join today and recieve a bonus.

  4. Bonnie Newman

    I am distressed. I used ibotta on the 6th of Dec. I purchased 8 items plus the any receipt item at Walmart. I checked the bar codes with the items that I purchased. When I got home I took a photo of my receipt and Ibotta verified that I had 9 items for a total of $5.05. But I couldn’t get the receipt to send. So I sent a note to the support team. Said I would get results in 48 hrs. So far no response and nothing pending in my account. The items are correct so I would like to see my $5.05 before I shop again on tomorrow, December 9th. Please help me on this.

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