Ibotta’s Best Days to Buy 2017

Best Days to Buy - Millennial Edition

Discover how to stretch your dollar further by shopping at the right time.

Shop Smarter, Not Harder

Millennials are rewards-driven, mobile-first consumers who have quickly seized the title of “Savviest Shopping Generation.” Here at Ibotta, we looked at more than 65 million purchases made over the past five years and discovered that millennials are our fastest-growing demographic.

Today, our team released some interesting finding in Ibotta’s 2017 Millennial Shopping Report, identifying the best days to save money on some of the items millennials love the most. Take a look at the findings below and save more on your next shopping trip.

  • Avocados – 25% cheaper on Wednesdays vs. Sunday, the worst day to buy
  • Coffee – 8% cheaper on Wednesday vs. Sunday, the worst day to buy
  • Craft Beer – 14% cheaper on Thursday vs. Sunday, the worst day to buy
  • Hot Sauce – 11% cheaper on Friday and Saturday vs. Sunday, the worst day to buy
  • Quinoa – 15% cheaper on Thursday vs. Monday, the worst day to buy
  • Rosé – 9% cheaper on Wednesday vs. Tuesday, the worst day to buy

No matter when or where you do your shopping, start with Ibotta and earn cash back on everyday purchases.

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  1. Nena Miller

    I fulfilled the requirements for a 4 dollar rebate for buying 2 bags of Lays chips 9 1/2 oz or larger and a 12 pack of bud light bottles and every time I scanned the UPC it flashed invalid and asked if I would send a picture of the products which I tried to do and the site shut down each time I hit “send picture”.

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