Ibotta’s 5 Year Ibottaversary: Celebrate with Bonus Cash

Birthday cake with five candles

It’s our birthday and we’ll save if we want to!

Birthday Bonuses

What’s better than cash back on everyday purchases? Bonus cash! We’re celebrating our five year anniversary all week long with extra cash back and $15 in birthday bonuses. Now through October 25th, unwrap extra cash back with the $5.00 Ibottaversary and $5.00 Appy Birthday bonuses.

$5.00 Ibottaversary Bonus


$5.00 Ibottaversary Bonus: Redeem offers from ANY category & earn an additional $5.00.




Appy Birthday Bonus


$5.00 Appy Birthday bonus: Redeem offers from the Mobile Shopping category & earn an extra $5.00. *iTunes & UBER excluded



RSVP Referral Bonus


$5.00 RSVP Referral bonus: Invite 1 friend to join Ibotta and get an extra $5.00 after they earn their Welcome Bonus. That’s a total of $10.00!

Extra Cash Back

In addition to bonuses, we’re offering increased cash back on several Mobile Shopping offers. Whether you’re on the hunt for the perfect Halloween costume or getting ahead of holiday shopping, start with Ibotta now through 10/25 and earn even more cash back. We’ve highlighted a few of our favorites below:

CheapOAir $7.50 Cash Back -Was $5.00-


$5.00 Now $7.50 Cash Back



ULTA Beauty 7.5% Cash Back


5% Now 7.5% Cash Back



Hollar 9% Cash Back


6% Now 9% Cash Back



Sears 7.5% Cash Back Online


5% Now 7.5% Cash Back



Petsmart 7.5% Cash Back Online


5% Now 7.5% Cash Back



Invite Friends to Join the Party

Have friends that haven’t tried Ibotta yet? Now is a great time to have them join your team. For every new person you refer to Ibotta, you’ll receive $5.00 when they complete their $10.00 Welcome Bonus! In order to receive referral credit, the person you refer must do two things:

Step 1: Register a new Ibotta account using your unique referral code.

Step 2: Redeem an offer within 14 days of registering. *Any Brand and Any Item offers excluded

That’s it! Share your referral code today & start earning more cash back together.

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47 Responses

  1. Patricia Oliver

    The last four Ebay purchases I made through the IBOTTA app on my phone never gave rebates! I also purchased several items from Amazon Prime, and have received everything, again no rebates!

      1. Melanie

        Same here. I made 6 purchases through Amazon that were in the approved categories and never once received a rebate. I just stopped shopping Amazon through Ibotta and went back to the Amazon app instead.

  2. Robert D McGrath Jr

    Please let me link your card to my stores for shopping with them ( grocer chains) Or let me link my credit card like I can with shop kick. You have some good coupons but photographing my reciept and uploading is annoying or too tedious. Thanks

  3. Lisa vojacek

    I had referred someone and I didn’t get credit for it and it’s been a month and she replied with the email I sent her. Why didn’t I get credit for her

  4. Norma Knebel

    it would be great if I could get into my account. when I try to open app I get Oops! we are have trouble communicating with our servers. Make sure you have stable network connection. Would you like to retry. Well I try to retry but same message. I have antoid Samsung throw Verizon so what it the problem

      1. Jennifer Zacher

        I had the same problem and was told to do something entirely different. I had to “clear the cache” and then uninstall and reinstall to update the Ibotta app. It worked. I was told to do this right away. No one told me to turn off the phone for an hour. It seems Ibotta reps are not all on the same page. And Ibotta has some serious bugs.

    1. Mary Crawford

      I’ve been having same issue except now I can’t even get into my Ibotta at all! It says my email already exists but my emails credentials are wrong and I can’t even get into my Ibotta so I’m losing or on everything. I was already having 2 issues as it was with my trying to get a Walmart. Com rebate back and also couldn’t get my Kroger receipts to load without by the 2nd time I took the photo of the receipt it would want to start all over again. I still haven’t gotten those issue resolved and now I can’t even get into my account period..I have no idea what to do .I love Ibotta..I understand things happen.. I’m only upset because I want back on that’s it.. But I do know things happen and it’s nothing to make me leave Ibotta for don’t get me wrong Ibotta or any one.. Ibotta is awesome!! I have saved 380. Some odd cents in 3 years. I just for a letter from them on my 3rd anniversary. I use my savings each year I keep going until Christmas each year for extra bonus for Christmas. Pretty good one too. So thank you Ibotta for all you do for me and others.. Now.. Get me back in my account!!!! Lol what do I do since I can’t get in it to go to the tech people from inside my account?? Is there a phone number or?? Thanks

  5. Mary Crawford

    Oh and now that I read what you wrote the other person below about the server problem and you said where you don’t recommend this but to uninstall. Well I was told to do that and I did and well now I have more problems than just the Walmart. Com and the Kroger receipts issue

  6. Prateek Garg

    On the app, the RSVP bonus page says that the bonus expires on October 26th at 2:59 pm, however in a note at the end of the page it says “Any brand and Any Receipt offers excluded from Welcome Bonus eligibility. Now until October 31st”. What does this mean? Is the expiry date October 26th or October 31st?

  7. Mike Smith

    How many have cubbards full of crap because there was a quarter in it for them? My hand is up? Great when it’s stuff you like, but I have to admit I’ve bought way too much junk👎

  8. Katherine

    I have had repeated issues with getting my receipts to process. And the one where they say the receipt is prior to the date of the offer is annoying. What happens is there is an offer for a % back for an in-store purchase, and when I try to send in the receipt a few days later, the exact same rebate has reset with a new start date. I have lost out on quite a bit of money under this and other issues. It’s almost like loopholes are intentionally created sometimes.
    I have recommended Ibotta to many customers in the store where I work (one who participates with Ibotta!) but I’m not sure if I will continue to do this. I can’t reccomend something that has so many issues!

  9. I guess I don’t understand this app. I joined, did not get $10.00 put into my account, joined Amazon Prime, purchased 2 items on line. On the amazon order, said monies would be added when items shipped. They are out for delivery today. Is there something I’m not doing correctly? I have .25 in my account. ???

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