Ibotta’s Trick or Tweet iPhone X Giveaway

Trick or Tweet iPhone X Giveaway

We’re making magic this Halloween with a chance at a free iPhone 10!

How to Enter

We’ve added tons of new retailers over the last few months. Now we want to know which one is your favorite! In order to enter the giveaway you’ll just need to complete two tasks between now and October 15th:

Step 1: Follow Ibotta on Twitter (@ibottaapp)

Step 2: Tell us your favorite Ibotta retailer & why on Twitter with the hashtag #IbottaTreatGiveaway

That’s it! We’ll select one winner at random the following week.

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42 Responses

  1. Kathy Walker

    That’s not fair, if you don’t have a twitter account. It might have been better to make it open to everyone who has an Ibotta account. Just a suggestion.

  2. Vanessa Fields

    Im new to ibotta but love love love it. Kroger is my go to I save a ton plus now I even get more money back using ibotta 😊❤ #IbottaTreatGiveaway

  3. Mary

    I love using Ibotta! I have saved money thru this site at grocery stores, drug stores, Petsmart and many others buying things I normally buy.


    I love our Ibotta is nothing like getting money back from For what you bye,
    great savings and deals I love love love it and I love Harris Teeter because on top Ibotta they get great deals with it 😁

  5. Sally Wojciechowski

    My favorite Ibottar retailer would have to be Target, there isn’t anything they don’t have and that includes a Starbucks!!! The Target I shop at is also clean and they employee
    people with special needs. Now that’s a great store……….#IbottaTreatGiveaway

  6. Kelly A.

    I love Ibotta, and I love shopping at Wal-Mart and shopping through the mobile shopping retailers. Guess I’ll miss out on the iPhone X, I don’t have a Twitter and don’t want one.

  7. Charlene

    I don’t have a Twitter account or even Facebook but I do love shopping and being able to get rebate from ibbotta 💓💓😍 this app. I get gift cards all the time for amazon. Would love to be able to have an iPhone x but I have to make an example to my children so no Twitter account for me. I feel there should be another way but my the best player win # ibbotta treat giveaway#

  8. Amy W

    Also not interested in creating Twitter account just for this. Suggest allowing other forms incl. Facebook, Instagram or email 👍

  9. Larraine Brinley

    Do not have a Twitter acct but I do
    love using ibotta…..Joanns, Publix and Walmart are my most frequently used rebates

  10. Mike

    Cool giveaway. However, as others above me stated above we don’t nor don’t want to make a twitter account. Next time you should consider allowing ibotta users to be eligible with or without twitter.

    Regards, Ibottauser

  11. I absolutely LOVE Ibotta! It’s allowed me to enjoy amazing offers, try new products and earn great cash back!

    It’s definitely help shape my shopping habits in such a positive way! Thank you!!!

    It makes shopping at Walmart so much more enjoyable and profitable!

  12. Heather S

    Entered on Twitter (bohofoxbabe). Thanks for hosting such a RAD and GENEROUS giveaway! eBay is my hands down favorite retailer. I can always find what I’m looking for at a killer price and I love supporting fellow citizens and neighbors. It’s a #winwin.
    Happy Autumn!

  13. Heather Calvin

    Those of us without Twitter accounts shouldn’t be told to “just open one, it’s so easy” we don’t have them for a reason. I love Ibotta and it would be nice to participate, my step daughter would love the phone. Maybe next time I guess.

  14. RITA

    Enjoy Ibotta love getting rebates. Not in to social media but Twitter is probably sponsoring the iPhone giveaway so I can understand the requirements.

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