Ibotta Partners with Walmart: Save on Every Mobile Order

Shopping on a budget just got easier. Ibotta has partnered with Walmart.com to offer cash back on every mobile order.

How it Works:

The Walmart app lets you shop thousands of products, search for items that have recently gone on sale, and even refill your prescriptions. Ibotta has partnered with Walmart to give you cash back on your entire mobile order, every time. Follow the steps below to begin your hassle-free shopping experience.

Step 1: Open the Ibotta app and locate the available Walmart rebate. You can do this using the search bar at the top of the screen, or by visiting the “Mobile Shopping” category located in the “Find Rebates” section of the navigation bar.

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Step 2: Once you’ve found the Walmart rebate, select the pink “Shop” button & Ibotta will take you straight the Walmart app.

Step 3: Browse available products and complete an order.

That’s it! Once you’ve completed your order you should receive a notification that your earnings are pending.

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11 Responses

  1. I have no problem returning all the πŸ’© I bought and reordering it πŸ˜‰. More work for Wal-Mart 😜. Kinda dumb if we cant just enter sum kinda receipt or order #. I forget to use apps..

  2. Jane McClure

    I ordered from walmart.com via through ibotta yesterday. After i placed my order, clicked to exit, I saw a response that it takes a few hours via Ibotta. I still do not see an “earnings are pending notification”. I want to receive the mobile bonus. Im going to pick up my items in atore today. How long does it usually take to show up on ibotta? It was an any item mobile buy. TYI

  3. Jane McClure

    Thank you for your response… It hasn’t quite been 24 hours, I will write them if it does not show by then. Appreciate your time…:)

      1. Jane McClure

        It took about 48 hours to show up as pending. However, it then takes up to 90 days for the money saved to be deposited into Ibotta. You receive mobile bonus after the money shows up on your account. I hope this helps. Happy Saving!!

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