Ibotta Milestones: Share Your Story

There ain’t no party like a savings party ’cause a savings party don’t stop.

Share Your Story

Congratulations on reaching your latest Ibotta milestone! You’ve earned a serious amount of cash back since you’ve downloaded the free Ibotta app…and now we want to hear what you’ve used the extra cash for. Follow the steps below and you could be featured on the official Ibotta blog or website!

Step 1: Take a photo of yourself, including how much you’ve earned.

Step 2: Share the photo on social media, describing what you’ve used your Ibotta cash for in the caption with the hashtag #IbottaRewards.

That’s it! We’ll reach out and feature our favorite stories. You may even win some official Ibotta swag.

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  1. Edith

    How do you know what you have to order to qualify for an on line order, its just says an online order and I placed 2 of them and you guys said if you qualify we will give you 10.00., I could of got 10.00 back from ebates. It never said you have to order something special it just says an order on line within 10 days and I did that 2 times, I know I only get 10.00 once but you are ripping me off, please email me back and let me know. Thanks Edith

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