Ibotta Partners with Kohl’s: Save on Fashion

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Shop the latest trends and styles from Kohl’s and get cash back on every mobile order when you start with Ibotta.

How it Works:

Kohl’s has tons of great products for you, your family & your home, all designed to fit your personality and your budget. With a hassle-free return policy and free shipping on orders over $75, Kohl’s let’s you shop your favorite brands at an affordable price. Stretch your dollar further with cash back on every mobile order when you start with Ibotta. Take a look at the instructions below and start earning cash back:

Step 1:ย Open the Ibotta app and locate the available Kohl’s offer. You can do this by visiting the “Find Rebates” section of the navigation bar. From here, select the Mobile Shopping category or simply search for “Kohl’s” in the search bar.

Step 2:ย Once you’ve found the Kohl’s offer, select the pink “Shop” button & Ibotta will take you straight to the Kohl’s online store.

Step 3: Make a successful Kohl’s purchase.

That’s it! Once you complete your purchase, Ibotta will notify you that your offer is pending. New to Ibotta’s Mobile Shopping category? Visit here for a helpful step-by-step guide and start making cash back the things you buy every day.

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