$100+ Reasons to Invite Friends to Ibotta

For a limited time only, refer friends to Ibotta & make $100+ in bonus cash!

How to Invite Friends

At Ibotta it pays to be social. When you successfully refer a friend to Ibotta you’ll receive $5.00 every time! Now you can earn even more cash for inviting friends to Ibotta with your unique referral code. In order to receive referral credit, the person you refer must do two things:

Step 1: Register a new Ibotta account using your unique referral code.

Step 2: Redeem a rebate within 7 days of registering (Any Brand and Any Item rebates excluded).

That’s it! Once they complete the steps above you’ll receive your referral credit.

How to Earn Bonus Cash

For a limited time, we’re offering bonus cash for inviting friends. The more friends you refer, the more bonus cash you’ll make! Take a look at the chart below for official bonus qualifications:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My friend just signed up using my code, but I haven’t received my referral credit. Why? 

A: Your friend MUST redeem a rebate before you’ll receive the $5.00 referral credit. “Any Brand” and “Any Item” rebates do not qualify. *Pro-Tip: Remind them they need to redeem a rebate to get their $10 Welcome Bonus. 

Q: How do I receive the referral bonuses? 

A: The bonuses described above each have their own qualifications. To receive the $10 bonus, you’ll need to successfully refer two friends. To receive the $25 bonus, you’ll need to refer an additional five friends. To receive the $50 bonus, you’ll need to refer an additional 10 friends. In order to receive all three bonuses, you’ll need to refer 17 friends successfully.

Q: Do the friends I refer for the first bonus carry over to the next referral bonus?

A: No, they do not. For example, once you successfully refer two friends and receive the $10 bonus, you’ll need to refer an additional five to receive the $25 bonus.

Q: Once I complete all three bonuses mentioned above, will they reset so I am able to complete them again? 

A: The program itself does not reset, but you will continue to get a $50 bonus for every additional 10 friends you refer to Ibotta.

Q: How can I promote my referral code?

A: Social media is a great way to get the word out. Share your unique referral code or referral link on Facebook & Twitter to let your friends know they should sign up!

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80 Responses

  1. I am a blogger and I invite friends to join Ibotta all of the time. Many of them have attempted to join with my link which never works but instead takes them to the general sign up page and with over 25 friends attempting to join under me, I have gotten credit for (drumroll please) zero! This is my biggest pet peeve with this app:(.

      1. Cassandra

        I have found when getting friends to sign up it helps to assist them in the initial setup because they are unfamiliar they dont realize they arent using the code, i also like to help my referals through their 1st rebates and familiarize themselves with the app

      2. Jennifer Pelzer

        I’ve had the same exact problem! After several days of waiting for a response from Ibotta, I got one asking for the person’s email address so they could research it. It’s now been 3 days since my reply and I haven’t gotten an answer back and still don’t have my referral bonus.

      1. Great question Kristina! On the navigation bar, tap Account, tap Invite Friends. Scroll down to view your referral code. Thanks!

    1. Lynda

      I am having the same issue. My friends tell me they try to sign up under me and it doesn’t work and I get zilch. #nothappy

    2. Sherry Long

      I used a refferal code, the link takes u to main page then u must enter the refferal code in after signup. Most dont do the second part.

    3. James B Manson

      I shared Ibotta by text to myself and and it gave me a link with my referral code already entered on it. You can use that link to share in a blog by linking words in a post or however ur sharing it. It brings up a sign up page with the referral code already entered. I shared Ibotta by text to myself and and it gave me a link with my referral code already entered on it. You can use that link to share in a blog by linking words in a post or however ur sharing it. It brings up a sign up page with the referral code already entered. I’ve tested the link and it works every time. I also share it on a website post. I’ve tested the link and it works every time.

  2. Deb

    Disappointed there are not many products I purchase and I never see any new products forth coming. Not sure I will continue…even though I got another person to sign up. Seems like only liquor is posted as the big items and I don’t drink.

  3. laury lapointe

    i remember there was something that said you could change the referral code so your friends could remember it easier.. i cant find that info now. does that still work and if so where is the info link or how do you do it.

  4. Candice

    I referred a friend but they did not use my referral code, they logged in with Facebook instead. How do they enter my referral code?

  5. Julie Young

    I had 5 friends who didn’t use my code. So like someone previously said possibly the referral link is bad. I looked at it and people will click on your link, not mine. The latest one is I’ve been bragging about Ibotta for months on Facebook. Now all of a sudden a friend from Texas who saw my referral invite, is now on my team.

  6. Shakira

    It seems that many people are inviting their friends with the referral code and not getting credit for it and/or a referral bonus credited to their account. The same thing happened to me. Contacted the help desk and it was not resolve to my satisfaction. I have many more people to invite but have reservations now that I know is not a one time thing and I might not get the credit.

    1. Great question! From the Featured Screen, tap Account, tap Invite Friends, down at the bottom in gray, you will see your unique referral code. Thanks!

  7. Diana Waldrep

    The best way, I’ve found, to make sure my referral code is credited is to get them to simply download the app itself. I’ve helped a few friends sign up, and its definitely not difficult. Download app, sign up with email, the last line allows the user to input a referral code. Ibotta is an imbedded app, I’ve never had to sign in except when getting a new phone. My brother signed up under Facebook…i was credited the very instant he received his welcome bonus…

  8. Angela

    I haven’t been able to get back in my account for almost a yr ….I’ve have messaged many many times with no luck 😡😡Ibbota

  9. Derek Johansen

    Is there a way to see which of your friends used your referral code? I helped my sister join a while back and there is still no sign of anything showing that I referred her. Also is there a way to view my “pending” referrals? It says I have two and to encourage them to use the app but I don’t know who.

  10. Phillip Rush

    Yeah, I have tried referring friends with my code a lot of times, plus I share the link with my referral code to friends on Facebook a lot. At this posting I have only 1 person who has successfully used my code to sign up but several of my friends have signed up after seeing my posts. I am happy with the rebate app but not your referral process. I think I will stop asking my friends to join until you provide a sign up app with my referral code built into that is shareable on social media to avoid them clicking the Ibotta link and missing my referral code.As many emails as you send me you could provide a clickable link with my code that auto posted my code and request for joiners. I hope you take this seriously because I certainly do!

  11. Mary Rosselli

    People have told me this is a great thing they say the have made and redeemed several hundreds of dollars. Just thought l’d give it a shot! Who doesn’t like saving money?

  12. Traci

    I am confused on getting the money, my account says I have to have $20, I have redeemed several coupons and added to my sign up bonus but I keep getting a message saying time is running out. Am I going to lose my money if I don’t get $20? I am confused. I have added several rebates to my account since signing up.

    1. Sorry for the confusion Traci! We pulled up your account and you have not yet reached the $20 minimum. However, on the Account page, underneath your name and lifetime earnings, is where your current account earnings have accumulated. The app will say “Withdraw Cash” next to the current accumulated earnings and, when you are ready to cash out, tap here and your options will appear. Let us know if you have more questions. Thanks!

  13. Estela paredes

    Ya son dos personas q eh rreferido y nunca recivi los 5 dólar de cada una y tampoco los 10 de bienvenida .
    La verdad estoy muy molesta porque les eh mandado e-mail y no me contestan.

  14. veronica cuen

    I love Ibotta, but I have the same problem I have about 5 friends enrroled with my referral code, and they did their first rebates already and I haven’t earn nothing, and its something that I really thing its not fair.

  15. Karina Alvarez

    Same is happening to me I have referred so many friends In the past and they are now my teammates but never a dolar and in the past month I have sent 5 more and is only showing like I referred one, I contacted the costumer service bcs i change my phone number and i can’t take my money out but still no answer imagine if I talked about all the money i should have by now referring friends, I been whit ibotta for over a year probably two al ready and I really love that I can make money back with purchases but it sucks I only had money once for a referral code and I really hate claiming for stuff that should happen automatically so I basicly leave them like that, now I can’t take my money out and still no aswer

  16. On the app right now as of Aug. 8, 2017, It says “get $30 for referring friends”and it also says “unlimited cash”

    It also says get started and earn up to $20 in welcome bonuses just for trying us out!

    My question is…if I sign up under my niece and use her code (if it works-from the comments listed above) why are the referrals being paid out less now than if signing up on the app? And how much will I get if I get a referral? The new referral amount that’s listed on the app? This is crazy that I’m reading some people get $1 per referral, some $5, and so on.

    I want to sign up and have a couple friends ready also, but we are a little confused on how to do this. Don’t get me wrong, I am going to sign up under my niece, but think she should get the same bonus and I and my friends should get same bonus as if we signed up today on the app. Tell me how to do this. Thank you!

    1. Great questions Carla! Here is the best article to answer your questions https://help.ibotta.com/hc/en-us/articles/115009661007–100-Reasons-to-Invite-Friends All users receive $5.00 per completed referral. However, we have added an additional bonus on top of the $5.00 that you can view in the article.

      Here is another article regarding the Welcome Bonus https://help.ibotta.com/hc/en-us/articles/115001979187-Earn-Up-To-20-in-Bonuses-When-You-Join-Ibotta- All users have the same Welcome bonus structure, $10 for redeeming within the first week, and then $5 for the second and third week for completion of the bonuses. Hope this helps to explain. Thanks!

  17. Melinda Yates

    This has happened to me as well. I find using link is tricky…. I have noted, when the friend clicks on my link it takes them to a sign up page and your code is automatically in proper place they just add all there personal info to sign up. When done and they hit sign up they are taken to the download page to download app. When download is complete they are prompted to open app and they then must sign up again but code is not there this time and needs to be reentered or its like they never use my code. Most of my successful referrals have all downloaded app first and then signed up with code.

  18. James B Manson

    I shared Ibotta by text to myself and and it gave me a link with my referral code already entered on it. You can use that link to share in a blog by linking words in a post or however ur sharing it. It brings up a sign up page with the referral code already entered. I’ve tested the link and it works every time. Just a peice of advice for anyone having trouble with someone getting through the sign up process through a referral.

  19. Salma

    I have a question. I referred friends 3 weeks back but they didn’t redeem specific brand till now. If they redeem specific brand now means after 3 weeks of registration they will get welcome bonus

      1. I referred 3 friends and it showed all 3 signed and it showed 2 friends bought items within the first 2 days. The third referral bought something online the day she signed up but it didn’t show up. All of the purchases qualify with your rules. What do I need to do? I have not received credit for any of my 3 referrals.

  20. Deborah Elliott

    I agree the referral system is bogus. It is not enough to just invite them, and send the link given by Ibotta, but you have to babysit them in the process. It appears that Ibotta is only interested in the referrals and not the rewards. For the 10 people I referred they never saw a place to add a code. The link should be enough.

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