How to Redeem Multiples of an Offer

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NEW: You can now redeem offers for multiple purchases of the same product!

How to Find Multiples

For specific offers, you know have the option redeem more than one of the same item for additional offer credit. To find out if an offer supports multiple redemptions, please visit the details section of that specific offer. If available, you will see the following included:

“May be redeemed up to X times per receipt”


Example: This offer for Halo Top states that you can claim credit for up to 2 items per receipt. This means you could earn up to $2.00 with this offer if you purchased two of the product.

How Multiples Work

Once you have “added” your new offer, please review the offer details for quantity limit. After purchasing your items within the quantity limit, you’re ready to redeem:

Step 1: Select the “Redeem” button from the navigation bar and select your retailer.

Step 2: Capture your receipt. Tap finish.

Step 3: Select the offers you’ve purchased items for.

Step 4: Tap the plus (+) or minus (-) icon to adjust your quantity. Scan barcodes if necessary.

Step 5: Proceed with remaining offers and submit your receipt for review.

That’s it! You’ll receive your earnings within 24 hours.

Multiples & Bonuses

If an offer that offers multiple redemptions is associated with a bonus, please know that those multiple redemptions will only count as one official redemption towards a bonus.

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18 Responses

  1. Laura Armitage

    Last night I redeemed the Dekuyper rb and would like to again but thought that it would still be there. Did not know that mote than 1 could be on same receipt. Please post on my options again. Thx

  2. Lee

    Need to speak to customer service your upgrade is causing a lot of issues! XXXXXXXXXX Thx Lee

    Sent from Lee’s iPad


  3. I was surprised when the multiple credit appeared on my earnings. I read and tried it with sargento cheese at Walmart. I did not get credit. Your site needs a quicker way to have items researched. Thanks for always improving. Ps. Can you add Shur Fine to list of stores?

    1. Thanks for your feedback! If you are missing any multiples credit, please write our Support Team who can assist you. In regards to add Shur Fine, be sure to also write them or post on their Social Media to let them know that you would love a partnership. Thanks!

  4. Theresa O'Donnell

    I want to say that I was very skeptical about this app. Because of the things I was reading. Well I reached my first $20.00 and was able to withdraw my money for an amazon gift card. This was super easy to do. I would like to know if an item is still available in my rebates, am I allowed to buy it again? For instance I bought cheese at Walmart, but it still shows up at Ralphs. Can I still get the same rebate at Ralphs after I already got one at Walmart?

    1. Great feedback and glad to hear that you’re enjoying Ibotta. In response to your question, once you send a receipt for a rebate, the rebate may come back into the app under all eligible retailers. You are able to send us another receipt after you add the rebate again and purchase it. Thanks and happy earning!

  5. Kari

    I think that a lot of things should have multiple rebates a lot of times I get more then one of a product and I can only get a rebate for one. Even though I got say 2 of that same thing. I shop once a month because I live so far from town. It’s hard to get enough money to cash out because I only get credit for one of like my 4 things I get. 😢 so it took me like 4 months just to get to 20.00

  6. Tina

    I bought 3 candy bars, 2 Nutella Jars, 2 yogurts and did the + when redeeming, but it only accepted one each when it was eligible for multiple times per receipt

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