Earn Over $50 with Ibotta’s Dash for Cash Event

LIMITED TIME ONLY: The more places you shop, the more cash you’ll make!

Shop at New Stores, Get Extra Cash

Ibotta bonuses are an easy way to get even more cash back on the things you buy. This month we want to give you even more chances to earn cash back – so we’re giving out special bonuses when you redeem at new retailers & mobile shopping apps. These rebates will come and go fast so check the app often!

Look for new bonuses easily with the “Featured Bonuses” section of the Featured Screen.

You can access all of your available & completed bonuses by visiting the Account section of the main menu.

Within the Bonuses section of your account page, you can view all of your bonuses in one place – perfect for keeping track of your progress!

Start Strong with a $5.00 Bonus


Get an extra $5.00 cash back with the Dash for Cash Bonus, check your app for details!

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140 Responses

  1. Deborah Scherper

    Signed up about 2 months ago, unfortunately got to busy but wanted to get into app today. Unable to get on it

  2. Diane MacKay

    When I joined I rwad all the Benefits and Never received my 10.00 either and The person who referred me Never got a Bonus either.

    1. Unfortunately, it appears that a Brand Name rebate has not yet been redeemed. It also looks like your Welcome Bonus expired in November 2016, when your account was created. Please write our Support Team with more questions. Thanks!

  3. Sara Jackson

    I redeemed 3 Target rebates on one receipt, and should’ve received the $2.00 Target dash for cash bonus, but I didn’t. I emailed support but haven’t gotten an answer. Can you help?

    1. Unfortunately, the Support Team is the best contact for missed earnings. Please allow up to 48 hours from the time of submissions for our Team to get back to you. Thanks!

      1. Sara Jackson

        Well, it’s been 5 days. Far longer than 48 hours. Apparently I shouldn’t expect an answer. Disappointing.

  4. jennifer

    I just started a couple of days ago and never received my 10 dollars sign on bonus. I just referred 3 friends who are gonna sign up… let’s see if I get my free 30 dollars….

    1. Check out this article regarding your Welcome Bonus https://help.ibotta.com/hc/en-us/articles/115001979187-Earn-Up-To-20-in-Bonuses-When-You-Join-Ibotta- Please ensure that you have redeemed a Brand Name rebate in order to receive your Bonus. Check out this article regarding your referrals https://help.ibotta.com/hc/en-us/articles/115007021847-New-Refer-New-Users-and-Get-Rewarded- Please ensure that they have also redeemed a Brand Name rebate (and meet the additional qualifications) in order to receive your bonus. THanks!

  5. Kelly Chelf

    I have been using Ibotta for over a year!!!! I love it, I love trying to get the extra bonus money, using coupons and then getting money back on top of that is AMAZING!!!!! thank you

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