NEW: Invite 3 Friends, Get $30

LIMITED TIME ONLY: Invite three new friends to join Ibotta and get $30 cash back.

How it Works

Referring friends to Ibotta is a great way to earn even more cash back. Ibotta pays you $5.00 for every successful referral you bring in, and for a limited time we’re giving you an extra $15.00 dollars when you successfully refer your third friend. In order to receive credit for inviting a friend, the person you refer MUST complete the following steps:

Step 1: Successfully register a new Ibotta account using your unique referral code on a unique device.

Step 2: Redeem a rebate between now and June 30th. “Any Brand” or “Any Item” rebates are excluded.

Tips & Tricks

Tip #1: It pays to be social. Share your personal referral code on Facebook, Twitter or any other social platform. This helps you reach a lot of friends quickly!

Tip #2: Be sure that your friend registers their account on their own mobile device, NOT yours. You will not receive credit if they do not sign up on a unique device (not associated with another Ibotta account).

Tip #3: Remind your friends that in order for them to get their $10 Welcome Bonus they need to redeem a rebate within the first week of registering an account.

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15 Responses

  1. Kelly Preston

    I started inviting friends and family and then started having problems with my account. I haven’t been able to log in for over 3 days now. I’ve sent an email about the problem, and haven’t seen a response yet. I would like to be able to log in again to add my new receipt and purchase a gift card.

      1. Karen

        I have3 pending friends and had2 or three Reddem and use my code so where’s the ten or 20. For that matter

      2. Great question Karen! Upon review of your account, you have been credited with two referrals and the first level bonus. The outstanding two referrals have yet to redeem a Brand Name rebate which is required to earn the bonus. Thanks!

  2. Sue Schoolcraft

    Most every one that I invite sign up because Ibotta tells me that my friends have joined but I never get my five dollars for them joining now they want me to send them there emails well I don’t know they email accounts so I guess I just don’t get my rebates so I am not going to invite anyone else I have like 14 friends and I have received 10.00 for them joining hope everyone else has better luck

    1. Sorry to hear that! Please keep in mind that users that are your friends may not solely be referrals. However, referrals must redeem a Brand Name rebate in order for both users to qualify for the Welcome Bonus. Our Team is happy to assist you but with the amount of referrals on your account, we are unable to discern which users are which. According to our Privacy Policy, we are not able to share user information with other users, including their names or email addresses, therefore we ask that you share this information with us. If you know your referrals emails or first & last names, our teams may be able to further assist you. Thanks!

  3. Jackie

    I have invited 3 friends. To date 2 have registered. I received credit for one but not the other. My brother has a blackberry but also uses a tablet. He received his welcome email but is unable to download the app to tablet thru Google play because it says device not supported. How can he use this app and how do I get my credit for inviting him?

  4. So embarrassing!!! i recently referred a friend, she put in my code, I’ve been telling her about ibotta for a while but she didn’t know how to use it! she needed help so I went to the store with her twice and used rebates! I helped her put them in! She showed rebate totals each time but now one rebate disappeared and she never got the $10.00 and I never got the $5.00 Hey at least give her the $10.00 so embarrassing!

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