Ibotta Bonuses: Earn Extra Cash

Rake in extra cash when you redeem specific offers!

How Bonuses Work


Each bonus is different and has unique requirements in order to complete. For example, a bonus may require you to redeem offers X and Y in order to receive an extra $2.00 back. Or it could require you to redeem a certain number of offers within a given time frame. Please note that some exclusions may apply so it is important to read the bonus details.

Where to Find Bonuses


You can find a complete list of all of your available bonuses by accessing the “Bonuses” section of the app from the main menu.






How to Complete a Bonus

When you work towards a bonus, a bar will start circling the bonus image, letting you know your progress. Once you complete a bonus, your account will be credited and the bonus will appear under your “Completed Bonuses” section. As you complete bonuses, new ones are added!

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  1. Punkin

    I recently joined and attempted to get my welcome bonus which expires in two days and it will not let me redeem it.

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