Ibotta Teamwork: Earn More With Friends

Earn even more cash back by building your team and completing teamwork bonuses.

What is Teamwork?

Ibotta Teamwork is an additional way to get cash back with other friends who use the app. For every month of the year you’ll be given Teamwork Levels that you and your teammates will have to reach together in order to receive bonus cash.

How do I build my team?

Building your team is easy. Simply connect your Facebook account to your Ibotta account to get started. Once this step is complete, tell your friends to do the same. Once you are both linked, you’ll automatically be added to each other’s team.

How do I track my progress?

You can view your Teamwork progress at any time from the main menu of the app.

In order to complete a level of Teamwork, you will need to complete both your team’s goal, plus your individual goal.

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    1. Great question! Unfortunately, Facebook and referral codes are the only way that users can team up at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience. Thanks!

  1. How long does it take for the team progress to update? I have people on my team that I can see have submitted rebates this month, but it isn’t showing up on my team progress.

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