Weekly Wrap Up 7/15


Welcome to the Weekly Wrap Up! In this week’s edition, add some fun to your weekend with a batch of homemade rainbow popsicles.


  • Mixed greens, sliced almonds and fresh pomegranate come together for a tasty Summer Salad filled with antioxidants.
  • Craving a cocktail? Whip up a refreshing batch of Peachy Green Tea Mojitos that are sure to become a new crowd favorite.
  • Fancify your finger food with the delicious crunch of Cucumber Bites from Daisy Brand, made with dijon mustard and finely chopped red onion.


  • Reddi-wip real whipped topping adds just the right amount of sweet for your next dessert or snack.
  • Not up for cooking? Stop by KFC on the way home and earn $2.00 cash back on freshly made, hand-breaded chicken.
  • Only the best ingredients go into American Beauty Pasta. That’s why it’s made with American wheat, among the finest in the world. Try a bag tonight!


Tip of the Week:

NEW: Fight off the summer heat with some cold hard cash! Get an extra $2.00 when you complete the Cold Hard Cash Bonus. Check your app for details.

image & pinspiration via The First Year Blog

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