Ibotta Breaks $100 Million In Cash Back Rewards


NEW: Since Ibotta’s beginning in 2012, we’ve had one goal in mind: to help you earn cash back every time you shop. Today, we are incredibly excited to announce that Ibotta has paid users over $100 million dollars in cash!

And with this huge milestone, we’ve also gained valuable insight into the shopping trends of modern Americans. Ibotta researchers analyzed a sample of more than 50 million receipts submitted by users over the past three years, and we’ve put together several grocery hacks to help you stretch your dollar further.


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  1. Judy f

    I’ve been doing inotta rebates for years. Now it seems I have to submit rebate before I go shopping to claim reward. I don’t shop that way. Any way I can submit Lowes Foods rebates using receipt like I always did? Using Lowes reward card doesn’t seem to work for me.

    1. Hi Debbie, sorry for the trouble. You should easily be able to submit a Walmart receipt through out app. If you haven’t done so already, please contact our support team at support@ibotta.com if you continue to have issues. Thanks! Have a nice day 🙂

    1. Hi! In order to receive credit for the Welcome Bonus, you must do two things:

      – Create an account on a new device that has not previously been registered with an Ibotta account.
      – Redeem your first offer within 30 days of creating your account.

      After the above steps have been completed, you should automatically receive your $10 Welcome Bonus!

      If you have any other concerns regarding this matter, please write in to support@ibotta.com. Thanks! Have a great day!

  2. Kathy

    More rebates please. I have been using for about a month now and I am running out out of rebates for the things I use. I wish there was more of a variety for thinks like laundry soap, dish soap, paper towels, those things you use everyday. I am excited about this app and I want to remain excited. 🤗

  3. I have fallen so in love with this app. I have found the best way to gain the most savings is to buy when things are on sale and then with the rebates….wow, awesome savings and love that we get our rebates nearly instantly with paypal. I just wish that Aldi was on the store list. But, lately, Walmart and I have become best friends….especially the super walmarts as they have the best selections. Thank you Ibotta…you rock.

  4. Chancey Smith

    I’ve got back $92 to date! I’ve also recently got 3 of my friends to sign up using my code today… if they redeem their first rebate… its $15 to me and $10 to each of them… its a win, win!

  5. Linda H.

    I Love using Ibotta. My friends and family are hooked. Once I show them how much I have earned they can’t wait to get the app. Just wanted to say Thanks!!

  6. Alex

    Been with iBotta for just about 1 month and I’ve redeemed $45.00 in rebates!

    I LOVE this app!!

    ++I’m also an extreme couponer (when I have time.)++

    My method is simple:
    1. Sign up for a loyalty account at all the stores you shop at.
    2. Collect 4 copies of your Sat/Sun paper inserts (P&G, RedPlum, Smart Saver.)
    3. Send a generic email to all brands you use consistently (Kellogg, Coca Cola, Dannie, etc) stating you enjoy their product and would love for them to send you regular coupons so you can continue buying their brand.
    4. Checkout some internet coupon sites (coupons.com etc) to print out internet coupons.
    5. Download iBotta!!

    ~Before each shopping trip, spend 30 min making a list of items you need.
    Add: paper coupons + .com coupons
    + store specials + iBotta rebates.

    It = huge savings and even $0.00 for many items!! (Most stores will take any negative difference in price from items you have discounted below $0 and add to rest of shopping cost. Walmart is the only store that will give cash back!)

    Thanks iBotta!!!

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