Best Friends Month


NEW: For a limited time only, get $7.00 when you invite your best friend to Ibotta! Share you referral code today and earn cash back with your better half.

Getting Started:

Now through the end of June, simply refer someone new to Ibotta using your unique referral code, have them redeem a rebate, and earn $7.00.

Step 1: Once you have opened the app, visit the main menu and select “Invite Friends.” This will bring you to your unique Ibotta referral code, as well as a few options to share your code.

Step 2: Choose between posting to Facebook, Twitter, or sending a link to your contacts. You can also copy your referral code (or a link to your referral code) to send through text or email. You get to choose!

Step 3: Once you’ve shared your referral code, make sure that anyone using it to register for a new account does three things so that you receive your referral credit (see below).

Receiving Credit:

In order for you to receive the $7 referral credit, the friend you have invited to Ibotta must do three things:

Step 1: Your friend must create a NEW Ibotta account using your unique referral code.

Step 2: They must then log in to their new Ibotta account on a mobile device that has NOT been associated with another Ibotta account already.

Step 3: Your friend must then redeem their first rebate within 30 days of creating their account.

Tips & Tricks:

Tip 1: Your friend must register an Ibotta account on their own device, NOT yours. If a friend uses your referral code to register on another Ibotta user’s phone, the referral will not be valid.

Tip 2: If you refer a friend to Ibotta successfully, they will be added to your list of teammates. You can work together with your team to earn even more cash together!

Tip 3: Does your best friend already use Ibotta? Share your referral code on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media platform to introduce a new friend to cash back.

Start Inviting Friends

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