Introducing: The New Home Screen


NEW: We’ve switched up a few things on the Home screen so that you can find the rebates that you want, all in one place.








Featured Stores: Quickly view popular and recently added stores directly from the Home screen.









Favorited Stores: Customize your Home screen by adding your favorite stores. Simply visit any store and tap on the star to favorite.









New Categories: Easily locate all of the same stores you love within newly organized categories, like Pharmacy, On the Go, and Specialty.









Featured Rebates: Browse popular and seasonal rebate categories within the Featured Rebates section of the Home screen.


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8 Responses

  1. MB Smith

    Love this app. Thank you for helping me save! Quick question… did you guys discontinue the rebates for “any brand” of bread, milk, eggs, onions, tomatoes? I’ve not seen them since the new update.

  2. Moath

    I just did a new user
    They say if I did a with them I get 10 dollars
    And I did as the the the recipe
    But the 10 dollars still not coming
    Thank you !!

    1. In order to receive credit for the Welcome Bonus, you must do two things:

      – Create an account on a new device that has not previously been registered with an Ibotta account.
      – Redeem your first offer within 30 days of creating your account.

      After the above steps have been completed, you should automatically receive your $10 Welcome Bonus!

      If you continue to have issues, please write in to for assistance. Have a great day!

  3. Michele Atwell

    Can someone please reply. I only have the choice of a few stores. There are no other options than these few. I cannot find Kroger or aldi app. How to get more stores as options?

  4. Dennis W Brown

    It would be much more helpful if you could post a video or a series of short videos on how Ibotta works and how to use it, rather than static images. I downloaded it long ago but am only now trying to learn how to use it. What you’re presenting so far, makes it seem very complicated and difficult to use. A video showing someone downloading the app and starting to use it would be very helpful.

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