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    1. Unfortunately, we are unable to go back and enter a code for you. However, you can join teams with your referral by linking your Facebook to your account and becoming Facebook friends. Thanks and welcome to Ibotta!

      1. Gerardo Cabrera

        the texts was too long and split the html, how can we add the code, they just downloaded it today are they still unable to use the referral code?

  1. Kim

    I don’t have Facebook, nor do I want it. So there is no other option to make a team after I have created my own account? Seems a little unfortunate for people who enjoy saving money but not having their social life all over the Internet.

  2. Carol Whisnant

    I got the following response when I submitted a receipt for .25 cash back for any item for Aldi’s

    We Couldn’t Find a Match
    Hi Carol,

    We looked at your receipt and couldn’t verify your recent purchase. This may be because the products you purchased on this receipt do not match our rebate criteria. Please review the rebate details, including variety and size, to make sure your product qualifies.

    You can also use the check product barcode feature to see if a product matches prior to sending your receipt.

  3. Jimmy Stout

    If i signed up for an account on my friends phone since my phone was dead at the time and then later put it on my phone. When I go to purchase my first rebate will my friend still get the referral or will it not work now since I signed up under her phone?

    1. Great question Jimmy! Unfortunately, both users (yourself and your referring user) will not be eligible for the bonuses. However, our Support Team will be happy to review your accounts for a courtesy credit on a case by case basis. Please write our Support Team after you have redeemed your first Brand Name rebate via the Help Center. http://help.ibotta.com Thanks!

  4. Morgan

    I use Ibotta on a regular basis and love it. My one complaint is that I cannot add current users as teammates because I don’t have facebook. I would love to see this feature without social media involved.

  5. Jeani Banks

    I signed up on laptop then was sent code to create app. When I sign in on app it says that email has already been taken.

    1. It sounds like you may be trying to create a new account in the app instead of logging in. Please be sure to tap “Log In” underneath “Sign Up” and “Sign Up with Facebook”. Thanks!

  6. Caridad

    I have two people that have used my referral code to join my team and they are not listed as my teammates or team members. They can see me on their list, but nothing shows up on my end.

  7. Stephanie B Young

    I received a message that My receipt was unreadable for a purchase I made on 09/05/2017. The message came to me on the 8th. I still have the receipt but I have taken some things out of their packaging (like the Ben and Jerry’s ice cream slices) and no longer have the upc. I submitted all of the upc’s the first time. Is the receipt enough for a resubmission?

  8. Tina

    When the app says recommended at such and such a store, do I have to buy that specific product from that store or am I able to buy it at a different store. For example it says Talenti is a recommendation for Meijer, but I prefer to buy from Kroger. Can I still buy the Talenti from Kroger and then submit my coupon for redemption?

  9. Terri

    I tried to sign up but when I tried to enter my birthdate it wouldn’t let me type it in or select the birth year. I could only select from a monthly calendar and would have to scroll back each month for 58 yrs! So obviously that was ridiculous and now it tells me I’m not old enough to join. How can I add correct birth date?

  10. Anna Talley

    I buy at Sams club using the scan and go. I printed out the receipt but it is very big. I took a picture of it anyway. One of the rebates was on smithfield prime reserve fresh pork. I purchased 3 of them. My problem is when I scanned the barcode it said it doesn’t match. I think the problem is sam’s put their members mark label and barcode on it. The brand label on it says smithfield prime reserve fresh pork. How can I get my rebate if Sams put their barcode. Also can I submit the scan and go receipt if it prints out big.

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