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NEW: You can now shop receipt-free at Best Buy! Just create your Best Buy Ibotta QR Code to start earning:

Step 1: Unlock rebates you’re interested in.

Step 2: Go shopping and find your desired products.

Step 3: Create your Best Buy Ibotta QR code by tapping “Verify Purchases.”

Step 4: Once at checkout, present the QR code to the cashier before providing payment.

Step 5: Verify that “Ibotta” was printed on the receipt to confirm your rebate submission.

That’s it! We’ll verify your purchase within 72 hours. Start earning receipt-free today.

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23 Responses

  1. Help I shopped for these item at Best Buy to get the rebates, but I did not do the qr code can I verify with my receipt? Also can I get the 100$ spend rebate for 5$ back. I can’t find it to verify it.

      1. Elizabeth

        I contacted the ibotta support team via email 3 days ago and still have not received a response. I also made a purchase without the qr code.

      2. SHAN

        I had the same issue. I had trouble with the QR code at the register. I went to best buy for the deal. I went ahead and made my purchase, but it would be nice if I can still get my rebates. I was excited about the savings and now I’m bummed

      3. Hi there. We’re sorry to hear that, but not to worry! Please shoot over a quick email (including an image of your receipt) to and a team member will be happy to manually process your receipt. Thanks and have a great evening!

  2. Diane

    I think not being able to take a photo is stupid. I unlocked this after my purchase and now I can’t redeem it. I spend over $500 out there last night.

  3. Sandra Servantez

    Everytime I try to send a message on help at bottom of the page it tells me to go to support fill everything out and the it tells me the email address is invalid. It is the same email you send me things. You said I could just show you the receipt from best buy but where do I post it to show you I bought it

  4. Eikra

    Can I redeem 2 rebates at once? For example, $10 back for a printer and $5 back for purchase over $100, so $15 back in total in the same purchase?

  5. Nathan S.

    I just contacted support and they told me that because I did not use the QR code, that I did not qualify for the rebate, despite your responses telling everyone to contact support!! That makes no sense – I sent a scanned image of my receipt and I’m being turned away!? Not cool, Ibotta.

    1. Hi Nathan, sorry for the trouble. Unfortunately, there are some particular rebates we cannot credit if a code or barcode was not scanned at the time of purchase. Please continue corresponding with our team if you feel you deserve credit. We apologize for the inconvenience. Have a nice night 🙂

  6. Ny Cao


    I have contacted your Ibotta support team about the issue of me not getting credit for my purchase even though I did scan the QR code at the time of the transaction. They told me to send them an email with the receipt pic and they will get back to me. It’s been two days and I have not heard anything back from Kelly, the rep who was helping me at the time. Please let me help me as soon as you are able to. Thank you kindly,

    Ny Cao

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