Cash Back on Fruits & Veggies



Have you noticed all the great new fresh fruit and vegetable rebates available in the app? If so, you may be wondering how to correctly redeem produce rebates. The great thing about these rebates is that there is no need to scan a barcode! Simply follow the steps below, and earn!

Step 1: Unlock the rebate.

Step 2: Tap into the “Redeem” section of the app.

Step 3: Tap “Verify Purchases.”

Step 4: Scroll to find your produce rebate (remember, you do not need to scan a barcode). Then tap the rebate to verify. You will know you have done this correctly when a green checkmark appears on the right side of the rebate tile.

Step 5: Upload your receipt through the app, as usual.

That’s it! You should receive an update on the status of your receipt within 24 hours.


For more tips and tricks on how to earn with Ibotta, please visit our Support Center. 

25 Responses

  1. Angie

    I don’t use alcohol or a lot of these products, as I am diabetic, anyway you can have healthier selections? I was so glad it said tomatoes and bananas at any store because I don’t go to any of the stores listed.

  2. Rustina Schenavar

    Why can’t I use my Seapak at Meijer? It is where I bought it. Where do I redeem the generic this like shredded cheese or hamburger buns? Which I also bought at Meijer. I shop at Kroger but it is not on my list to scan receipts. How much do I have to make before I can cash out? Rustina Schenavar. mom47303@

    1. Hi Lisa. We are always adding new rebates and bonuses every week, but it can vary by day. To ensure you have the most updated gallery, be sure to pull down on the top of the home screen to refresh the app. We hope this helps, and happy earning!

  3. Derb

    Are there ever any non-alcoholic, family-friendly restaurant rebates? It’s just me and my two kids so I don’t drink, especially not when we go out to eat. We love Red Robin, and rebates that I COULD use would make it so much easier!
    Thanks very much

  4. Tatyana

    I am usually buying 3 gal of milk every week. When I scan one gallon and receipt has prove that I bought 3 will I get cash back for 3 gal or for 1?

    1. Hi there. Thanks for your feedback. At this time, all of our rebates are featured for single verification and no additional credit will be awarded for multiple purchases of the same product. If a similar item appears in your gallery again, you may verify the new rebate as long as the second purchase is on a different receipt from the first. Have a great day!

  5. Abby

    I don’t get the scan part. Do I have to scan the product on my phone or I have to ask the cashier to scan the product?

    1. Hi Abby. For each individual retailer, we have a different process (some require scanning of retailer loyalty cards, others require product scanning and receipt submission). If you haven’t done so already, please write in to so that someone can look into this. Thanks! Have a great day 🙂

  6. Michelle

    I love that joann fabrics has a rebate with you. I shop there a few times a week. Wish the rebate would let me bank. So. When i spend 100. I would get 15 back in a rebate. Like 5 for 30 is great. But i spend at least 60 each trip. Recently spent 87 got the 5 back rebate and spent another 98 the next day. But rebate isnt available now. Oh and just noticed today joanns has added their gift cards… Yay.

  7. Marian

    Where is that located on the app “any store “. I thought I had seen it before but now can’t seem to find it. Thanks.

  8. Cynthia Brown

    I recently booked a hotel through Groupon which I logged into through my Ibotta account and never received my savings what should I do

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